"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

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Business Listings for Chase County, Nebraska
alpha by town name

page 88

Blanche, a post office in the northeastern part of Chase county.
Baker D R, justice.
Coffin, Japer, genl mdse.
Kelso Ellen, postmaster, dressmaker.
Seger John, blacksmith.

page 106

Catharine, a post office recently established in Chase county.

page 113

Champion, a thriving village in the central part of Chase county, nine miles from Imperial, the
county seat. A goof flouring mill with a 50-barrel capacity is operated by the water power furnished by
the Frenchman river. The Chase County Champion, a weekly newspaper, is well supported. The town
was named in honor of Champion S. Chase, a prominent attorney at Omaha. It is expected that the B. &
M. R.R. will soon build through here on its way to Holyoke, Colorado. Population, 200.
Adams C O, drugs.
Bell J S, hardware.
Champion Milling Co, flouring mill.
Chase County Champion, Kelly & Mathews pubs.
Davidson W L, justice.
Fox J P, blacksmith, agl implts.
Leslie A O, justice.
Lyman M E Mrs, millinery.
Mathews J K, jeweler, postmaster.
Nolin B, millinery, dressmaking.
Pine Frank, hardware.
Ray Alonzo, agl implts.
Thomas J L, harnessmaker.
Wirsig O H, genl mdse.

page 115

Chase, a village of 75 inhabitants in the west central part of Chase county, 12 miles from Imperial,
the capital of the county.
Buzick D B, loans.
Buzick W M, genl mdse.
Chabo C C, hotel.
Dashopky, Gustav, wagonmaker.
Edington W H, justice.
Faires Owen, postmaster.
Terry W W, livery.
Vandike John, blacksmith

page 152

Enders, a post office in Chase county, recently established.

pages 236-237

Imperial, the county seat of Chase county, is located in the center of the county and has a
population of about 400. It is on the Culbertson projection of the B. & M. R. R., which is expected will
be built to this point soon. The town is well located in the midst of a fine grain and stock growing
country. Church organizations are Methodist and Evangelical.
Arterbern E E, abstracter, real estate.
Bank of Imperial, Frank Thumsson cashier.
Berdine Bros, pumps, windmills.
Bigler Jacob & Son, hardware, coal.
Bishop S S, atty.
Burdine Ira C, pumps, windmills, lumber.
Chase County Bank, R W Bennett cashier.
Chase County Chronicle, D G Hines pub.
Cottrell C N, hardware, agl implts.
Cunningham Alonzo, postmaster
Dunham M J, hotel.
Durks R, barber.
Epperson & May, dressmakers.
Farmers and Merchants Bank, O P Shallenberger cashier.
Fliesbach Otto, genl mdse.
Goodrich M J, dry goods, etc.
Grosbach H H, drugs.
Hogate Nelson, billiards.
Imperial Republican (The), Hopper & Van Deventer editors and props
Jenkins Loran, genl mdse.
Koon Wm, photographer.
McElroy S C, county surveyor.
Malcolm R, barber, jeweler.
Meeker C W, atty.
Morris J F, harnessmaker.
Reitz Ed Mrs, photographer.
Roberson N C, veterinary surgeon.
Rowe H P, boots and shoes.
Scott C W, atty.
Sherman F W & Co, genl mdse.
Smith L W, meat market.
Spain T, carpenter and builder.
Taylor A B, atty.
Tibbils H C, furniture.
Tibbils H C Mrs, dressmaker.
Watters G W, atty.
Wooster W G, blacksmith.
Wray & Fisher, genl mdse, lumber.
Young Bros, livery.

page 254

Lamar, a post office in the extreme western part of Chase county, 20 miles from Imperial, the
county seat. Population, 100.
Bird C, blacksmith.
Breere A G, hardware.
Holtzclau W J, phys.
McBryde A C, justice.
Mathews O, drugs.
Pairan C, genl mdse.
Peiderlue C, genl mdse.
Pierce H, harnessmaker.
Reynolds R, blacksmith.
Ruff W & C C, genl mdse.
Seymour H, agl implts.
Sugar Bros, agl implts.
Wilson Alice, milliner.
Wilson V L, real estate, postmaster.

page 290

Martin, a postoffice in the eastern part of Chase County, recently established. Population, 14.
Forney, F C, justice.
Nicol Andrew, genl mdse, postmaster

page 445

Pearl, - PEARL. a rural post office in the north central part of Chase county...Waggener, H H Postmaster.

page 541

Wauneta, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Chase county, 20 miles from Imperial, the county
seat. Population, 200.
Barnwell O F Mrs, dressmaker.
Doty & Doty, hardware.
Dudeck Joseph, saloon.
Fisher Charles, postmaster.
Fisher, Polly & Co, flouring mill.
Fisher W W, justice.
Goodwin Bros, agl implts.
McClellan J W, drugs.
McNaul & Wisner, genl mdse.
Penn A C & Co, agl implts.
Ransell J, blacksmith.

page 551

Winchester, a country post office in the northwestern part of Chase county, 25 miles from Imperial,
the county seat. Population, 25.
Hopkins J W, genl mdse, postmaster.
Rowley A, justice.

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