"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Baars, W. W. Blanche Biven, J. W. Winchester
Baily, Ira Ough Blair, D. R. Blanche
Baily, Mack Ough Blake, M. C. Lamar
Baker, Doras R. Blanche Blanchard, F. F. Imperial
Baker, Lester Wauneta Blank, August Lamar
Baker, L. P. Imperial Blanke, Henry Lamar
Banks, Geo. Chase Blass, John Imperial
Barneau, H. Imperial Bly, Benjamin Blanche
Barry, Wm. Ough Bloom, C. F. Imperial
Bash, M. Winchester Bollinger, B. Lamar
Bass, G. L. Winchester Bostick, Chas. Blanche
Bates, Alfred Blanche Bowler, Geo. Champion
Bates, E. E. Blanche Bowler, J. M. Champion
Bates, Wm. Winchester Bowler, J. S. Champion
Bates, Wm. Imperial Bowman, H. Blanche
Baugh, O. R. Lamar Bowns, C. W. Imperial
Baughman, J. F. Imperial Boyd, M. J. Champion
Baughman, J. H. Imperial Boyd, Wm. Champion
Baughman, Samuel Imperial Bradburly, E. C. Imperial
Baxter, Eli Wauneta Brady, C. G. Imperial
Bear, Henry Champion Bragg, John Imperial
Beard, B. Champion Brainard, C. L. Ough
Beard, J. W. Champion Brannon, E. E. Wauneta
Beck, W. R. Chase Brannon, F. L. Wauneta
Belden, John Blanche Brayert, D. A. Wauneta
Bell, J. D. Imperial Breach, D. W. Blanche
Bell, W. W. Imperial Brema, H. F. Chase
Bellamy, Daniel Blanche Bressel, Wm. C. Ough
Bellamy, Ed Blanche Brewer, Leroy Chase
Bellamy, Geo. Blanche Briggs, C. F. Chase
Bellamy, Philip Blanche Briggs, Wm. T. Lamar
Bellows, Andrew Lamar Bross, V. T. Martin
Benbridge, E. E. Imperial Bross, J. S. Martin
Bennett, Dan Imperial Brown, Ben Imperial
Bennett, John Imperial Brown, J. K. Champion
Bennett, M. T. Imperial Brown, J. S. Imperial
Bennington, Sam Imperial Brown, Lyman Lamar
Benny, Frank Lamar Browing, R. M. Imperial
Benny, Joseph Lamar Brownlee, G. T. Champion
Bentch, G. W. Imperial Bruce, John Lamar
Bentis, Geo. Chase Bruse, A. G. Lamar
Berg, A. W. Wauneta Buzick, D. B. Chase
Berry, John Lamar Buzick, W. M. Chase
Berryhill, A. W. Martin Bugsch, Samuel Martin
Berryhill, C. E. Martin Burdim, Ira Imperial
Bibbin, H. E. Chase Burdim, John H. Imperial
Biggs, A. E. Imperial Burnn, Aaron Blanche
Bigler, W. M. Imperial Burnn, Peter Blanche
Bihain, Joe Chase Burnhan, C. R. Chase
Bink, Ed Imperial Bustte, H. M. Ough
Bink, James Imperial Bussell, Henry Chase
Bird, Charles Lamar Bussell & Sons Champion
Bird, Seth A. Imperial Butterfield, Amos Lamar
Bird, S. D. Blanche Butt, F. F. C. Chase
Bird, Wm. Blanche Buttell, A. C. Pearl
Biss, H. R. Imperial Buttell, A. M. Imperial

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