"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Cagley, Geo. Champion Claybaugh, H. Champion
Cagley, G. M. Champion Clotfille, N. G. Martin
Calkins, J. E. Champion Clotfille, Oliver Martin
Calkins, J. T. Champion Cobbs, Henry F. Imperial
Callaway, A. R. Pearl Coen, Thomas Winchester
Calpils, Mary Imperial Coffen, J. L. Blanche
Calpils, Walter Imperial Cole, S. B. Chase
Calvin, N. T. Ough Collins, John Blanche
Campbell, A. S. Wauneta Colpils, W. A. Chase
Campbell, C. Imperial Colson, Robt. Blanche
Campbell, F. Champion Conrad, Geo. W. Lamar
Cannon, Wm. Lamar Couser, E. S. Pearl
Canon, W. M. Champion Cook, M. J. Lamar
Carpenter, H. J. Imperial Cook, Whitham Imperial
Carroll, N. A. Pearl Cook, William Lamar
Carson, Scott Imperial Cooley, Asher Winchester
Carson, Henry Imperial Count, Chas. Lamar
Carson, Wm. A. Imperial Count, Geo. W. Lamar
Carter, John Pearl Count, J. D. Imperial
Cass, J. J. Pearl Coop, Sherman Wauneta
Castle, James Pearl Cooper, Isaac Imperial
Catiell, O. J. Chase Cooper, Floyd Champion
Chaboo, Chas. Chase Comtney, H. E. Blanche
Champer, Wm. Blanche Cottrell, C. N. Imperial
Chapman, Levi Winchester Cottrell, James M. Imperial
Chappell, Oliver Champion Craig, J. C. Wauneta
Chase, H. F. D. Lamar Craig, K. C. Wauneta
Childers, S. A. Wauneta Craig, P. M. Wauneta
Childres, W. Wauneta Crampton, H. J. Champion
Christy, Henry Chase Creiger, W. W. Blanche
Christner, J. Champion Cronen, John Pearl
Clancy, Frank Imperial Crookshanks, Jas. Blanche
Clarence, Henry Winchester Cru, Daniel A. Champion
Clarence, John Winchester Cuddebuck, A. Wauneta
Clark, Ike Chase Cuddebuck, F. D. Chase
Clark, W. Chase Culbertson, F. D. Chase
Clary, Alva Blanche Culbertson, Smith Chase
Clary, G. M. Blanche Cummings, Ed. Blanche
Clary, J. W. Blanche Cummings, Thos Imperial
Clay, Geo. Imperial Cunningham, W. Champion
Clayburg, A. Lamar Curtis, C. E Imperial
Clayburg, A. C. Lamar        

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