"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Fanning, F. C. Wauneta Ford, Noble Chase
Felt, Peter Champion Foose, Edw. S. Blanche
Fencht, Gotlieb Imperial Forney, F. C. Martin
Fergason, Frank Champion Forney, T. A. Imperial
Figg, Henry Chase Fox, W. R. Chase
Filipi, Jos. Chase Franzen, J. Lamar
Findly, H. D. Imperial Freeden, Ben. Winchester
Fines, Owen Chase Freeden, Ben. Chase
Finity, J. H. Imperial Frunk, Wilhelm Martin
Firgur, J. Wauneta Fuqua, Curtis Lamar
Fisher, W. W. Wauneta Fuqua, Fred Lamar
Fitzgerald, John Imperial Fuqua, Saml. Lamar
Flack, F. W. Champion Fuqua, W H. Lamar
Flemmining, F. R Champion Fulton, John Blanche
Fletcher, C. L. Strickland Fun, John A. Champion
Fletcher, Wm. Strickland Funk, Ollie Lamar
Florey, G. W. Martin Funk, Francis Champion
Florey, H. M. Martin Funk, Geo. Lamar
Florey, L. M Martin Funk, John Champion
Forbs, C. E. Imperial Funkhouse, J. L. Chase
Forby, G. W. Neil Furgeson, S. A. Champion
Foxel, J. Wauneta        

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