"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Hackney, S. Imperial Hill, Wm. Imperial
Hadden, George Winchester Hill, W. W. Imperial
Hafer, Levi Winchester Hill, Zeb. Blanche
Hafer, Miles Winchester Himby, Joe. Martin
Hain, Albert Winchester Hine, T. J. Blanche
Hartwig, Henry Imperial Hink, H. Champion
Hall, A. E. Lamar Hodson, J. W Champion
Hall, C. A. Lamar Hoffmann, Fred Lamar
Hall, E. E. Blanche Hoffmann, W. C. Wauneta
Hall, T. E. Lamar Hogshead, N. B. Champion
Hall, T. P. Champion Hoke, J. A. Champion
Hall, Wm. Champion Holdredge, M. C. Chase
Hall, W. L. Lamar Hole, H. P. Imperial
Halsted, Fred Imperial Holmes, R. A. Champion
Hancock, C. Champion Hopkins, Arthur Winchester
Hanna, J. H. Lamar Hopkins, Fern Winchester
Harder, Cline Champion Hopkins, J. W. Winchester
Harmon, Levi Champion Hopper, W. J. Imperial
Harmon, W. J. Champion Hoppusett, C. H Imperial
Harris, D. C. Imperial Horne, C. F. Imperial
Harris, Thomas Imperial Hostetter, Wm. Lamar
Harvey, Wm. Imperial Houtman, Julius Chase
Harvie, Albert Wauneta Howard, A. M. Imperial
Harouff, A. J. Blanche Howard, J. C Imperial
Haskins, A. L. Imperial Howard, Wm. Imperial
Hathorn, D. G. Blanche Howell, Wm. E. Winchester
Hauks, Peter Imperial Hoyer, John L. Winchester
Hauma, G. Imperial Hoyer, J. P Imperial
Hawk, T. J. Wauneta Hoyer, Thos. Imperial
Hawley, Fred J. Winchester Huckins, M. D. Ough
Hawly, Archie Winchester Huddelson, Chas. Chase
Hayer, Monroe Blanche Huddelson, D. C. Chase
Hedger, M. E. Chase Huddelson, D. J. Chase
Hemphill, James Grant Huddelson, J. B. Chase
Henderson, S. Winchester Huddelson, Levi Imperial
Hanling, E. M. Imperial Huestis, H. M. Imperial
Heppman, John Imperial Huffman, A. G. Lamar
Hershey, Ira Imperial Huffman, E. C. Lamar
Hesselgrave, Miles Lamar Huffman, E. P. Lamar
Hickman, Oran Lamar Huffman, L. D. Lamar
Hicks, L. D. Blanche Huffmaster, Fred. Imperial
Higby, W. G. Champion Hughes, G. F. Champion
Hill, A. Champion Humphrey, J. H. Lamar
Hill, A. C. Imperial Humphrey, Wm. Imperial
Hill, G. A. Chase Hunt, J. Wauneta
Hill, H. B. Champion Hunter, Arthur Winchester
Hill, H. P. Champion Hunter, Walter Lamar
Hill, James Imperial Hutchins, A. A. Chase
Hill, V. S. Chase Hutchinson, G. Wauneta

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