"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Lamb, John Wauneta Leonard, W. S. Blanche
Lamber, J. H. Champion Lester, Martin Martin
Lamburg, Alla. Ough Lewis, E. A. Chase
Lambert, A. W. Champion Lewis, Perkins Pearl
Lambert, C. C. Chase Lifer, Chas. Lamar
Lame, Ivan Imperial Lindsey, G. R. Champion
Lane, J. M. Imperial Lint, Burt Lamar
Lang, David Champion Lint, B. C. Lamar
Lang, Emery Wauneta Lint, S. S. Lamar
Lang, Jesse Wauneta Litgke, Gustav Chase
Lattimer, Robt. Blanche Lofton, Frank Martin
Lattimer, Wm. Blanche Logan, Frank Imperial
Laymon, J. B. Champion Lorkot, Frank Neil
Lebut, Perry Lamar Loucks, Jos. Imperial
Ledger, John Blanche Loucks, J. D. Imperial
Lee, Charles Lamar Loving, Frank Blanche
Leius, Mathias Champion Lukin, J. E. Wauneta
Legrand, W. A. Champion Lytel, Delos Imperial
Leney, John Ough Lytel, G. N. Chase
Leonard, E. Blanche Lytel, J. B. Imperial

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