"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


McAuley, H. B. Imperial Matrous, A. B. Lamar
McAttie, Wm. Imperial Mead, Chris. Champion
McClarty, Dave Chase Medlock, H. W. Wauneta
McCleland, James Imperial Melyemburg, J. H. Champion
McColish, L. D Winchester Merauvill, Chas. Lamar
McCollough, W. M. Winchester Merauvill, Eli Lamar
McCoy, Robt. Blanche Merwin, G. W. Chase
McCoy, S. E. Pearl Metcalf, G. Wauneta
McCoy, Wm. Blanche Metcalf, J. Wauneta
McCrystal, A. E. Lamar Melvill, Robt. Strickland
McElroy, S. C. Imperial Metha, J. W. Wauneta
McElvain, A. J. Winchester Mellon, W. M. Lamar
McGaughey, J. F. Chase Meyers, G. Wauneta
McGillan, W. J. Imperial Meyers, John H. Winchester
McGinnes, John Chase Meyers, W. M. Winchester
McGinnes, Tom Imperial Michael, G. R. Wauneta
McGintyre, J. W. Wauneta Mickles, Pete Imperial
McGowen, B. F. Imperial Miles, F. A. Chase
McGowen, E. C. Champion Miner, G. F. Wauneta
McGowen, Huber Imperial Miner, H. Wauneta
McGuire, Thos. Imperial Miner, W. O. Wauneta
McIntosh, John Imperial Mitchel, L. A. Champion
McKillip, Wm. Champion Moncrief, Qubla Imperial
McKelvey, James Imperial Monroe, A. Champion
McKinney, Julian Imperial Moody, J. Wauneta
McLean, Harry Imperial Moody, Noble Pearl
McMannery, Chas. Neil Moostand, W. H. Wauneta
McMurdy, Charles Chase Moran, John Imperial
McNiel, James Neil Morey, G. W. Imperial
McOffee, John Imperial Morey, S. S. Imperial
McOnley, H. W. Imperial Morgan, John I. Imperial
Madden, E. F. Strickland Morgan, L. H Chase
Mader, Geo. Champion Morgan, P. Champion
Maggena, H. H. Pearl Morss, Cassius Lamar
Magna, W. N. Imperial Morss, J. E. Lamar
Mahler, B. F. Champion Morss, J. W. Lamar
Malcolm, G. M. Imperial Mosher, J. J. Champion
Marcellas, L. D. Chase Mountjoy, C. C. Chase
Marks, Ernest Chase Muckey, J. J. Champion
Marsh, C. M. Champion Muckey, L. R. Champion
Marshall, C. M. Chase Muckey, M. J. Champion
Martin, A. Wauneta Mueller, John Chase
Martin, H. L. Imperial Mukel, Henry Imperial
Martin, J. W. Imperial Munson, H. Blanche
Martin, W. O. Champion Munson, Isaac Neil
Masear, Joseph Ough Murphy, Sam. Winchester
Mason, C. H Chase Murry, Wm. Pearl
Mathews, Owen Lamar Muth, Valentine Chase

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