"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Alphabetical Portion of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Salsman, J. I. Chase Smith, Frank Chase
Sayler, Alfred Winchester Smith, G. H. Imperial
Sayres, George Chase Smith, G. H. Champion
Schmidt, Jacob Champion Smith, H. C. Chase
Schmidt, John Chase Smith, Henry J. Winchester
Schmitt, John Chase Smith, Luther Imperial
Schober, W. Grant Smith, Nelson Champion
Schober, Carl Grant Smith, Thomas Imperial
Schoemmar, Fred Chase Smith, W. D. Imperial
Schuck, Fred Imperial Smitherman, J. M. Chase
Schulty, L. A. Blanche Snider, Amos Martin
Schultz, Gustav Martin Snyder, S. R. Imperial
Schultz, Julian Martin Sommers, L. Wauneta
Schultz, William Martin Sorey, Bennett Imperial
Schultz, Wm. F. Martin Sorey, W. M. Blanche
Scott, P. W. Imperial Spangler, T. C. Champion
Scott, Wm. Blanche Speer, T. C. Chase
Seavers, Geo. Blanche Speer, W. R. Chase
Semple, S. Wauneta Spilger, Thos. Imperial
Seward, E. G. Ough Sprague, Carl Lamar
Seymore, H. Lamar Sprague, John Winchester
Shafer, Bert Winchester Springer, Jeff Martin
Shafer, S. B. Imperial Spingfield, F. Wauneta
Shafer, W. P. Winchester Spur, Wm. R. Chase
Sham, Alonzo Imperial Standidge, Thos. Imperial
Shau, Wilber Winchester Stanly, Chas. Blanche
Shephard, Wm. Champion Starrett, Chas. R. Champion
Sherman, O. H. Imperial Stasney, John R. Chase
Sbort, J. K. Champion Stastney, John Chase
Shotenkirk, W. A. Lamar Stassett, Charles Winchester
Showalter, J. J. Lamar Stity, F. W. Champion
Shrader, Jas. Imperial Stavhen, N. Winchester
Shrade, W. E. Wauneta Stephenson, R. J. Chase
Sharp, A. D. Martin Stevens, J. G. Grant
Shugar, John Lamar Storm, L. K. Winchester
Shultz, W. M. Champion Story, C. M. Imperial
Sill, J. W. Lamar Story, Paul Imperial
Silveny, W. Grant Story, S. C. Imperial
Simpson, K. C. Chase Stradal, Chas. Blanche
Sims, Chas. A. Chase Striethortt, J. H. Martin
Sims, John Chase Strobridge, H. A. Champion
Sims, T. M. Chase Strobridge, H. M. Champion
Sinclair, G. W. Martin Sugar, Karl Winchester
Skot, Kris. Imperial Suhr, F. Champion
Smith, Andrew Winchester Sutton, E. B. Champion
Smith, Ap. Imperial Sweeney, H. L. Chase
Smith, C. W. Champion Swobe, Dave Imperial
Smith, E. Z. Imperial      

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