"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and
Farmers List for 1890-91"

J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Listing By Town of Farmers List
for Chase County, Nebraska
name with post office (which may be in adjacent county)
pp 926-930

Imperial - County Seat


Name Name
Adams, D. L. Hoyer, John L.
Albut, Henry Hunter, Arthur
Ancor, Wm. James, G. H.
Arnold, J. M. Klaholz, John
Arnold, W. G. McColish, L. D
Bash, M. McCollough, W. M.
Bass, G. L. McElvain, A. J.
Bates, Wm. Meyers, John H.
Biven, J. W. Meyers, W. M.
Chapman, Levi Murphy, Sam.
Clarence, Henry Pierce, O. D.
Clarence, John Potter, S.
Coen, Thomas Reed, Wm.
Cooley, Asher Rowley, Anthony
Daffan, Anthony Rowley, Mich.
Davidson, James Ruff, Jacob
Eckstein, Henry Russell, Wayne
Everts, Have Sayler, Alfred
Freeden, Ben. Shafer, Bert
Gibuson, E. C. Shafer, W. P.
Gould, R. D. Shau, Wilber
Gun, L. G. Smith, Andrew
Hadden, George Smith, Henry J.
Hafer, Levi Sprague, John
Hafer, Miles Stassett, Charles
Hain, Albert Stavhen, N.
Hawley, Fred J. Storm, L. K.
Hawly, Archie Sugar, Karl
Henderson, S. Tedlock, Cully
Hopkins, Arthur Waggoner, H.
Hopkins, Fern Watkins, Frank
Hopkins, J. W. Wielgus, John
Howell, Wm. E. Woods, Mathias

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